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A madcap adventure

Even if you are not a “spiritual” person, there seems to be something really transformative about the pilgrimage to climb Croagh Patrick as I discovered when I made it to the summit of Ireland’s holiest mountain for the third time in my life last week.

To say the least, the circumstances were different from my previous two climbs. This was a madcap idea, conjured up in a nightclub at midnight, and it involved setting off from the car park at Louisburgh in the dead of night. Probably not to be recommended to everyone!

It just so happened that I met two old friends at a concert in aid of the children of Gaza at Monroe’s Live in Galway. A group of artists had come together to organise this fantastic gig just two weeks earlier, as the Palestinian enclave was being bombarded on a daily basis by Israel.

They wanted to do something, to make a small gesture of support for the children in the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

It was a wonderful, emotional night. As the music came to an end, we got ta…