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Keep buying the leprechauns

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“Sure, as long as they keep buying the leprechauns . . . “
In October 2016, a significant increase in the number of US soldiers passing through Shannon Airport was noted by activists who monitor activities at the airport on a daily basis.
The increased activity has been linked to an onslaught against the Iraqi city of Mosul and a marked growth in the number of troops on the ground in both Syria and Iraq.
As Shannon’s role in the US-led “war on terror” enters its 16th year, it’s remarkable that their presence barely merits a mention in the Irish media.
No Garda has ever searched a plane, despite concerns that dangerous chemicals such as white phosphorous and prisoners on their way to and from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba may have been renditioned through Shannon.
We have to rely on the likes of Wikileaks and Trojan investigative work by Shannonwatch peace activists, who track the movement of military and chartered planes, if we are to have a…

A letter to the Bank of Ireland


In a sinister development this week, the Bank of Ireland shut down the bank account of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
In the same week, it was confirmed that three hotels in the Shannon area have suddenly cancelled rooms which were booked for a peace conference this Saturday.
Activists who have opposed the use of Shannon by the US military in the "war on terror" have been told all sorts of stories and given all sorts of excuses about "double bookings".
Freedom of speech is alive and well in Ireland, it seems.
So it's time to write to the Bank of Ireland ...

Dear Bank of Ireland,
I wish to express my shock and dismay at your decision to shut down the bank account of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, as confirmed on national radio on Sunday.
As I'm now in my late 40s, I estimate that I have had my current account with you for approximately 32 years, since I took advantage of some promot…